"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Interview of Mildred Gillars Better Known as ‘Axis Sally’

This is a 1983 interview done with Mildred Gillars, better known as ‘Axis Sally’, at her home in Columbus, Ohio.

Interviewer: I would like to ask you some questions regarding your experiences in Germany and the war. What brought you to live in Germany?

Mildred: It all begins at home in Maine, then lots of moving around and settling in Ohio. My personality was one of curiosity and adventure. In the US, I felt women had no real opportunities unless you just wanted to get married young and start a family. Women were not seen as equals here, and I read in Europe it was different. After attending college here, I had friends who spoke about all the opportunities in New York. I went to live there, and did well in modeling and dancing.

This was my first run-in with Jews. New York had a huge population of them, and they all worked together to make each one wealthy. They owned or had a controlling interest in many big businesses, were heavy in finance, theater, and especially the seedy side of the city. I was approached more than once and told to be immoral to get the good jobs; they preyed on Christian women especially. I saw them push drugs, sex slaves, and all manner of crime on the population. A Jewish street gang, who called me a Christian whore as they ran off, stole my purse once.

I decided to try France, and learned more about the fashion industry and modeling clothes. Paris was no better than New York, but did have more order. I left for home again as I missed friends, but after a year a friend invited me to go to Algiers, which was a French colony and nothing like what it is today. Then fate took a twist and I had the chance to go to Germany to study the arts. A friend of mine met a wealthy German, so they arranged for me to meet their friends. I was completely impressed as Hitler had just been elected a year earlier, but already the people beamed with enthusiasm at the turn around. The world was still in the depths of the worldwide depression, but Germany was not. It had been turned around almost overnight. I liked it so much I decided to make a life there.

Interviewer: Why do you think Hitler was so good? He is the world’s most evil man, who killed millions and made the Germans live as slaves, right?

Mildred: Oh, you must be smarter than that, live as slaves? They would not have fought to the bitter end if that were the case. I do not even know where to begin with this; I suppose I could start with telling you that a few Jews have shaped our minds regarding this. Stalin wiped out upwards of 30 million Europeans yet because communism was a Jewish creation, they keep this hush hush. Hitler only wanted Jewish power broken; because of this, he incurred their wrath. They started the war due to this.

I have never seen and will never see again a leader so adored by the people as Hitler. Germany was transformed into a country never before seen; everyone was on the same page so to speak. It was all about helping each other. In Dresden, everyone took a weekend every spring and cleaned their neighborhood, and aided the old in chores. The youth groups constantly sung and did chores around town to keep it looking good. No one went hungry, the poor were well cared for, the only thing asked was that they wanted to help themselves, and if they did not they were forced to leave the country or go to an institution where they received help.

In 1934, all I saw was construction everywhere, the whole nation underwent a rebuilding. As an American, I was welcomed with open arms, as the Germans wanted to show foreigners how peaceful things were, unlike the worlds press reports. Jews were left alone, the only ones affected were criminals, those who were unjustly rewarded, and monopolies created by Jewish power. Germany had been on the brink of a communist revolution led by Jews, and Hitler stopped this and punished them for it. If they were loyal to the state, they were left alone, and most were.

All of my time in Germany I never saw anyone mistreated, and I was allowed to visit concentration camps, and prison camps. The lies about the camps will someday be known, no one was killed in them by a German plan. The Allies killed more inmates in the camps than the Germans did. They keep that hidden too; they bombed camps and killed thousands. They also kept needed supplies from getting to the camps near the end, which caused sickness and many more deaths.

Hitler made Germany into a beacon of light for the whole world to follow into a better way of life. I personally believe Germany died a horrible death, much like Christ, to herald in a new age of light and harmony for all. In time the evil ones will be destroyed who have caused so much misery, hatred, and death on this earth. It is prophesied. NS Germany was a glimpse of the world after this new age comes.

Interviewer: Wow, did you ever meet any of the leaders of the Third Reich?

Mildred: Yes, I met many of them. I met Dr. Goebbels often, I met the Führer and shook his hands, he always clasped with both hands, almost to say he really valued you. I met many gauleiters or governors, Himmler, Julius Streicher, and many more. I have nothing bad to say about any of them, they were always perfect gentlemen and great to speak with. So full of energy, and always wanted to know my opinion about issues, something in this country that is not popular still.

Interviewer: Okay. What brought you to work for the Germans once they declared war on us?

Mildred: You may not know this, but the US was aiding the Allies illegally almost from the outset. In 1941, Hitler just allowed his forces to shoot back finally. Roosevelt made it clear he wanted to agitate Hitler, and not seek agreement or friendship. I am always asked why Hitler started the war if he wanted peace. My answer is, due to the Jews, things quickly got out of control. Poland was attacked due to England, France, and America making criminal guarantees to Poland, which they had no intention of honoring. Germany only wanted a link to Prussia. For making these requests, they were met by Polish nationals attacking German farms and farmers. Several were murdered; I was there to record some of these. The Polish state mocked any attempts and even threated to invade Germany, and taking Berlin.

France was attacked since they declared war first, Holland sided with the Allies so had to be neutralized to prevent an easy base for invasion. The Balkans were the same situation, siding with the Allies, and would have been an easy base for invasion. I say this because it explains why Germany had to invade purported peaceful neighbors. I understood this and wanted to do my part to help this nation fight. I was hired to teach English to German students, when war started, especially the propaganda war, I was asked to help counter the allied lies. I agreed and went to work for the national radio service.

I was given my own radio show, to tell the truth about the war to our boys, who were dying due to Jewish hate. I was very successful as I spoke plainly to our people. I asked them to reason, and to think about what they were fighting for. They were fighting to kill themselves, I tried to wake them up from the nightmare.

Interviewer: What was Germany like during the war?

Mildred: Up to 1943, it was just like peacetime. Restaurants were lively; people went on vacations and traveled, there were plays and concerts all over the cities. Nothing changed, except seeing more soldiers in field gray, and the death notices posted. Germany was a nation that stressed sport and fitness, yoga forms started in Germany, as did jogging. You would see people out jogging together to get exercise. One could go at any hour without fear. Rationing was in effect, but was not severe yet, so there was plenty of food to eat and drink. Life was very good.

This all changed in 1943 with total war. Dr. Goebbels told me he hated to do this, but Germany was fighting for its very right to exist and everyone had to chip in. So all entertainment was curtailed, as people had to perform war duties first, and then have fun. The mood was one of fear also as the war was clearly not going well, no one hid this, the press carefully reported truth, without inducing defeat or panic. Rationing became stricter also, so that by 1945 there was hardly any food, thanks to the Allies.

Many civilians died in the last months of the war, because they became sick, and could not receive care since roads and rails were destroyed. This is what killed the inmates in the camps. They parade these unholy pictures endlessly now, which only show allied cruelty, not German. Most people had ways to survive, and everyone united together. There were so many foreigners in Germany by the end of the war, but they were welcomed in and helped as best we could help. The party did a great job with what little was available.

It was hard times, but it really brought out the best in the German people. Factories had offsite daycare centers for the kids, away from the danger of bombings.

Interviewer: Did you ever experience any bombing raids?

Mildred: Yes, many times, it was terrifying. The Americans came during the day and the British at night. I was in Berlin all through 1944, the height of the raids and it was something hard to describe, the most modern and beautiful city in Europe was laid waste. The stated aim for both bomber Harris and our own Lemay, was to kill as many women and children as possible. They did this very well; all over Europe, they reaped a huge harvest. History books will not tell you of all the civilians killed in France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and so on. It was hard for me to see these men in the hospitals and camps; to me they were killers of the innocent. However, I had to interview them on my show and let them say hello to home. I know they only followed orders but I still thought of all the victims first. Our boys should never have been put in that situation, they killed their own and did not understand this.

I was in the middle of one of my shows when the sirens went off, we kept going, but they hit close. The ceiling cracked and paint came off the walls. When the dust settled I looked outside and it was close, all the homes a block over were hit and on fire. From then on, I went to the air raid shelters. These were cramped as so many had to get in. It smelled of sweat and smoke and when bombs came close, everyone huddled together for protection. When we emerged whether it was day or night all we could smell was burning homes and noxious fumes from the bombs. Phosphorous was the worst, it was used to burn for a long time, and caused problems for the fire fighters who risked their lives to save trapped people, and save buildings.

Interviewer: Do you feel like you were a traitor to the United States?

Mildred: No, I do not think of myself as a traitor to my country. I was never a loyal citizen of the Jewish United States. I have felt this nation lost its soul as soon as we let Jews come in force in the late 1800’s. They have waged a war against the Christian heritage and culture of this land almost from the beginning. Some of our great founders knew this, but you would never know this today. The Jews work very hard to change history, and erase what is inconvenient for them. It is easy to do with money, one can bribe, buy, and threaten to achieve your desired result.

Ben Franklin is said to have given a talk regarding Jewish influence and in 1934 Jews paid to have other pro-Jewish men find the diary it was in. It was never found; knowing Jews, they got it and destroyed it. By the year 2000 they will have people thinking our founders were very pro Jewish if not Jewish themselves. This is how they operate. Mark these words, so you will you understand. They destroy by destroying a peoples heritage and faith.

What I did was try to wake up my people so they could see; Germany was the instrument to do this. The Jews brought the war to end this threat to their power, and I was made a traitor. Therefore, if standing against the true enemy of your country and people makes you a traitor, then I am one. Christ will absolve me as I did nothing wrong.

Interviewer: You mentioned you had a man who was in the Wehrmacht, is that correct?

Mildred: Yes, I was introduced to a strapping man later in life; I was already close to 40. He courted me for a while and then we became engaged. Duty called him away, and he was not a shirker. He volunteered for Russia to fight the communists, and he fell in battle. It was the saddest day of my life. Luckily, I had many friends who helped me through this; sadly, I in turn had to help them when their men fell later on. He died so that his nation would live on.

Interviewer: You interviewed American soldiers while they were in prison camps?

Mildred: Yes I did, it was twofold. To at least let their families back home know they were OK, and to get ideas to use in my programs. I wanted to convey to these men that they were fighting a war for the Jews, not to free the world, not to protect democracy; it was only for Jews so they could continue their war on us, and allied soldiers were aiding them in their own people’s destruction. I went to hospitals and POW camps to meet these boys. I also spoke to the girls back home, trying to teach them truth.

Most were so brainwashed by Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s war declaration that they could not fathom that there were deeper things that caused both. They could not understand that American embargos and other acts caused the Japanese to attack as they saw no other alternatives. Hitler only declared war on the US as we were openly fighting on the seas and in the air already without provocation. Again, Roosevelt made it clear he hated Hitler and wanted him gone; he was willing to break laws and be sneaky to do it. His wife was a communist mouthpiece before, during and well after the war. She waged war on the old values of our forefathers.

I tried to get people to see these things, but most had their eyes too far shut, and their minds turned off. Some listened and agreed, I learned later, so all was not in vain. I started questioning the morality of people when American planes dropped leaflets saying that while the German people worked hard, the soldiers were off raping and committing crimes for Hitler. Another was for the soldiers, saying that while they were fighting a lost cause their girls were getting sex by party bosses and foreign workers. All meant to demoralize them.

It is ironic to me that while this did not happen in Germany on any large scale, it did in England. I met many an American who bragged about how many Brits he was sleeping with, married or not. I felt like the American army was full of fornicators, looking for sex wherever they went. I prayed they would not make it to Germany. There was truth to “over paid, over sexed, and over here”.

If the English knew their wives and girls were in bed everyday with US soldiers they would have stopped immediately. Same in the US, I have met many women lately who have told me about all the sordid affairs going on during the war while the boys were away, and this proved me correct. The idea of the greatest generation is a joke; our boys were turned into rapists and killers, while the girls were made whores. The truth is hard for them to take, but they know deep down it is true. They did this all because of the Jewish war they had to fight.

I am rambling but looking back I get so angry at what was lost. The utter senseless destruction I saw and the lies that were spread after the war. The camps, war crimes, the start of the war. It all gets to me. I always think of what could have been if the war never happened. Sometime in the future I pray the truth will get out. People really need to see and understand Germany was not the evil side, we were.

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