"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Short Pieces


Any Christianity That Does Not Oppose the Jews Is a Counterfeit

Who Were the People Calling for the Crucifixion of Christ?

Your Christian Mind Has Been a Victim of Jewish Indoctrination and You Are Deceived, If…

The Worst Enemies of Christ Are In the Christian Ministry

Titus One Condemns the Cretian Jews

The Globalist Agenda, and Its Plan to Destroy National Distinctions, Is Anti-Christ

Anti-Christianity is the Essence of Being a Jew

The Biblical Record Is Clear: The Jews Are Responsible for the Death of Christ

Christian Life & Practice

Christians Should Not Deny Their Moral Superiority

Loving Your Neighbor Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

The Practice of Christianity Evidences the Truth of It

Beware When Most Christians Call You a Nice Guy

To Purge the Evil From Our Land Christian Men Must Advocate Punishing the Wicked

“Turning the Other Cheek” Does Not Mean Pacifistic Non-Resistance to Evil

It Is Not True that We Cannot Forcibly Christianize a Society

A Few Thoughts on Christians and Military Service for the USA

Holiness Should Be the Distinguishing Mark of a Christian

Christians Need to Learn from History and Become Intolerant

Loving Our Enemies While We Fight Against Them

Denial of Christ Comes in Many Forms

Refusing to Speak Out Against Evil Is Infidelity

Christian Men Should Be Angry and Calling for Justice

Christians Cannot Overcome Evil Without a Very Costly Fight

Trials of Faith Reveal the Authenticity of Faith

On What Basis Do Christians Maintain Ties with Family Members Who Support Sodomite Unions?

Christians Must Remove Gender Neutrality from Their Speech

Church, Worship & Preaching

A Prediction (February 2019) About the Future of the Churches in America

The Cowardly Nature of Today’s Reformed Churches

Churches That Teach Theology But Fail To Expose Evil Are Only Doing Half the Job

Do Not Permit Yourself To Become a Victim of Ecclesiastical Manipulation

Establishing and Protecting a Church by Using a Membership Covenant

Do Not Be Fooled by a Clever Counterfeit of a Church

We Are Not Required to Attend the Best Church We Can Find in Our Area

The Church Can, and Sometimes Does, Exist Without Any Visible Appearance

Christian Preaching Focuses on Truth, Not Positivity


The Defective Worldview of the Pessimillennialist

I Believe the Church Will Have Victory Both in this Age and the Age to Come

Salvation of the Righteous Necessarily Brings Destruction of the Wicked

There Is Only a Choice Between Two Dominant Forces in the World

Beware of Holding an Eschatological Belief That Causes You to Shirk Your Christian Duty

“The End Is Near” Belief Is Disloyalty to Christ

Building a Christian Civilization Will Require Limits on Entertainment


Egalitarianism Defined for Christians

The Danger of Believing in Racial Equality

White Superiority Is Part of God’s Created Order

We Cannot Take Cultural Marxist Terms and Use Them in a Christian Way

Christians Must Be Careful Not To Become Practicing Egalitarians

Law & Gospel

“Social Justice” vs. Biblical Justice

One Bible Verse That Exemplifies the Binding Nature of the Law on All Peoples at All Times

If You Believe the Law of God Has Been Abolished Under the New Testament, Then…

We Cannot Escape Theocracy

Focus on the Positive?

Christianity Is About Facing Up to Your Own Evil

Man’s Fallen Nature Does Not Justify the Rejection of Biblical Law

We Cannot Improve the Health of the Dead

We Must Do More Than “Tell People About Jesus”


The Folly of Condemning All “Conspiracy Theories”

Questions to Help Determine the Worldview of Protestant Pastors and Elders

Pessimism About the Future of Christendom is Cowardly and Faithless

Christians Going to Bankers for Loans Is a Failure of the Church

Persecution for Wickedness Vs. Persecution for Righteousness

False Religions: America’s Gift to the World

Everyone Is a Conspiracy Theorist

The Loyalty Poem

The Idolatry of Alcoholics Anonymous and Their “Higher Power”

Nations & Nationalism

Brief Definitions of Nation and Empire

The Opponents of Ethno-Nationalism Almost Invariably Side with Anti-Christs

Foreign Immigration and Multiculturalism as a Plan of Destruction for Ancient Israel

Some Biblical Examples of Kinism


Think of Reformation on a Local Level and on a Small Scale

If We All Sit Around and Wait for God to Work, Reformation Will Never Happen

If You Are Looking for Change from the Top Down, It Is Likely That You Are Looking in the Wrong Direction

True Christians Will Join the Fight, Not Sit on the Fence

Sin, Hypocrisy & Apostasy

If Sermon Titles Reflected What Today’s Churches Really Teach and Practice

Much of Today’s Theological Error Is Being Driven by Fear

The Blatant Lie of Today’s Evangelicals: “We Hold to an Unchanging Moral Code”

A Christianity That Does Not Inform Us How To Live, Is No Christianity At All

How Sodomy Is Being Made Acceptable in the American “Reformed” Churches

Why Christian Ministers Deny Conspiracies

The Unfaithful Traits of Modern American Christianity

Answering the Sodomites: We All Live Downstream

Error Can Be In Not Only What Is Preached, But In What Is Not Preached

If Today’s Churches Are Preaching Genuine Christianity, Then Why Are They Never Persecuted?

You Have to Step Outside the Church Forest to See the Trees for What They Really Are

Churches Have Become Places to Help People Avoid Reality

Today’s Christianity Is No Christianity At All

Social Matters

Possession of Guns Will Not Be Enough to Protect Americans Against Tyranny

White Christian Men Must Declare Themselves To Be Pro-White

A Bit of Evidence that Both the Early Church and the Protestants Were Against Abolition, Not Against Slavery

Race Is an Amazingly Versatile Substance

Is It All Just Coincidental?

Romans 13 Specifically Delineates What a Government Must Do To Be Lawful


Away With the False Concept of a New Testament God Who Is All Goodness

Did the Holy Spirit Dwell in the Old Testament Saints?

We Must Be Careful That We Do Not Distort Calvinistic Doctrine Into Fatalism

The Reestablishment of National Israel Is Not Biblical

Can God’s Grace Fail the True Christian?