"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Why Christian Ministers Deny Conspiracies

by Stuart DiNenno

Why do nearly all of today’s so-called Christian ministers deny the existence of anti-Christian conspiracies, despite the fact that many realities concerning such conspiracies can be quite easily verified merely by doing some diligent Internet research, that is to say, without ever leaving one’s home? It is because denying conspiracies is the safe position for them. If you are a professional minister, and you deny the existence of something evil and can get almost everyone else in your congregation to buy into your denial, then you do not have to take a stand and speak out against the evil, and you and your fellow cowardly congregants can all continue to live in your comfortable little religious fantasy land, fooling yourselves and other pseudo-Christians into believing that you are being faithful to God because you teach orthodox theology (mostly), while the wicked work at taking dominion over the earth without any opposition from the so-called churches.

On the other hand, investigating the conspiracies that are destroying the church and Western nations, and then trying to warn others about them from the pulpit, is a very unsafe position for a Christian minister because it will almost surely bring stiff opposition against him, both from the ordinary members of the church and from his colleagues in the ministry. This is because most churchgoers do not want to be faced with unpleasant truths, and will lash out and attempt to silence those who confront them with such truths. And a preacher speaking about conspiracy will be strongly opposed by most other professional ministers due to the fact that he is exposing their infidelity in that they are failing to do the same, and also because he is likely to bring unwanted attention upon their denomination or association by publicly exposing conspiratorial realities.

If we add all of this up, what we see is a conspiracy of silence — a tacit agreement by almost everyone in the so-called churches to suppress the truth. And while it may be the safe position in terms of making their journey through this world, it certainly will not be the safe position when they face God on the day of judgment and will have to answer for their pusillanimous behavior and their deliberate actions to keep the light from shining in the darkness.

2 thoughts on “Why Christian Ministers Deny Conspiracies”

  1. Too many Hezekiah’s. Woefully naive on the one hand, wanting to think the best of everyone, be uplifting, be ‘positive’. Combined with ‘Oh well, at least there will be peace in MY day’.

    Disgusting. Lazy. Ignorance is NEVER bliss, and the sooner the church wraps her sleepy head around that, the better.


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