"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Interesting Quotes


Hoffman: The Jewish Bolsheviks Regarded Politics as a Branch of Gentile Pest Control

Statement on the Jews by Russian Tzar Alexander III

Graetz on the Jews’ Alliance with Moslems During the Moorish Conquest of Spain

Luther: The Jews Desire a Messiah Who Would Slay the Christians and Make Them Lords

Attributes of God

Pink: God Hates the Sinner, Not Just the Sin

Winslow: The Patience of God After Grace Is Greater than His Patience Before Grace

Biblical Texts & Translations

Rushdoony on the Received Text

Whitaker on the Corruption of the Greek Septuagint (LXX)

Christian Life & Practice

Calvin on Living Peaceably With All Men

Bavinck on a False Conservatism That Preserves Evil

Lloyd-Jones: Christians are Mistaking “Niceness” for Grace

Calvin: A Prayer for Holiness

Gurnall: Satan Cannot Pluck the Weakest Saint Out of Christ’s Hand

Watson: If We Love God, Our Hearts Ache for the Dishonour Done to God by Wicked Men

Ryle: Let Authenticity Be One Great Mark of Your Approach to Christ

Brooks: The Way to Happiness is Full of Thorns

Luther on Paul’s Statement: “the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God”

Lee on the Test of a True Gentleman

Bavinck on a False Peace That Must Be Broken

Theodoretus on the Comfort Given by Scripture to Those Who Suffer False Accusation

Civil Government

Murray: Civil Government Is Obligated to Conduct Its Affairs in Accordance with God’s Will

Goodman on Deposing and Punishing Wicked Rulers

Charnock on Men Putting Themselves In Place of God by Enacting Laws Against God’s Commands

Rutherford: A Tyrannical Power Does Not Fit the Definition of a Power From God

Goodman: When Man Measures Obedience By His Own Judgment, He Substitutes Antichrist for Christ


Calvin: The Church Can Exist Without Any Visible Appearance


Dabney on the Old and New Concepts of Equality

Various Bible Commentaries on Women Being Called the Weaker Vessel

Ingram: Racial Integration Is a Denial of Christ

Voshell on the Globalist New World Order of Humanity Without Distinctions

Calvin on the Folly of Women Reigning Over Men

Barnes Against the Egalitarian Interpretation of Galatians

E. C. Wines: The Spirit of God’s Law is Against Feminism

Law & Gospel

Bolton: The Law Sends Us to the Gospel; The Gospel Sends Us to the Law

Jewel: The Care of Both Tables of the Law Is Committed to a Christian Prince by God

Payson: The Law Is Honored in the Salvation of the Sinner

Pink on the Truths That Need To Be Published Today


Basil of Caesarea on Psalmody

Calvin: Moses Ethiopian (or Cushite) Wife Was Zipporah

Social Matters

Godwin on Public Education

Hus on Kin Rule Over Nations

Calvin on the Lawfulness of Slavery

Hodge on the Distinctive Character of Individual Nations

Sin, Hypocrisy & Apostasy

Chrysostom on the Sin of the Sodomites

Henry on Religious Hypocrites Feigning Reverence for Godly Men of Past Ages

Krauth on the Three Stages of Error in the Church

Perks on the Failure of Modern Christianity