"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Any Christianity That Does Not Oppose the Jews Is a Counterfeit

by Suart DiNenno

The so-called Jews are now, and have always been by far, the most malevolent, obdurate, and destructive enemies of Christ, His church, and all that is righteous in the world, not only in the multifarious evil doctrines they have formulated and disseminated to the destruction of an untold number of eternal souls, but also in the movements they have led which have resulted in the ruin of nations, the dissolution of the family, and the mass murder of individuals on an enormous scale.

Therefore any form of Christianity that praises the Jews, promotes them, defends them, is benign toward them, or is silent about them, must be recognized as a counterfeit religion that is in league with, being used as a tool by, or blithely complying with the synagogue of Satan in the furtherance of its anti-Christian agenda, regardless of whatsoever manifestations of orthodoxy such a supposed Christianity otherwise may appear to display or what degree of religious fidelity its adherents in other respects may seem to exhibit.

I believe there is no church denomination in America today that does not fit the definition above. It is true that you will sometimes hear those in “Reformed” circles speak against the Dispensationalism/Christian Zionism held by some in Baptistic churches but usually it goes no deeper than a distaste for the doctrines. Affinity for the anti-Christ Jews is actually just as strong in the so-called Reformed churches and across all the other churches of the putative Christian denominations, and they clearly demonstrate where their loyalty lies in the fact that often you will find them lamenting the alleged persecution of Jews by the hands of Christians, but then finding fault with, and even attacking, those who dare to mention examples of the persecution of Christians by the hands of Jews.

Those organizations and men which promulgate a false Christianity that is in alliance with the most malignant anti-Christs must be regarded by true Christians not merely as institutions and agents to be eschewed or controverted, but among those ‘stones of stumbling, and rocks of offence’ that must be rooted out before the day can come when “they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:9)

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  1. 1 Peter 3:15 says we should “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear”. Kurt Eggers was a theologically trained SS soldier who was killed on the Eastern Front in 1943. Most in Orthodox Christianity today would say he was an apostate, but I think many of those like him who embraced National Socialist doctrine were reacting against ‘Christian Pietism’. How, as a Christian, would you ‘witness’ to Kurt Eggers and those like him offended by Christian Pietism?

    Below are some excerpts from their writings:

    “One should have taught the German that all guilt is the result of indifference, [and] that all fate is the punishment of his guilt. … Every sin has its origin in half-measure, hesitation and indifference. … Whoever believes in causality, and pushes for its fulfillment, is more reverent than the great believer in miracles, for he does not rape great life, but rather integrates himself into it. Whoever wants miracles wants to flee. Only whoever recognizes himself as part of the law creates order and works, which are greater, harder, most honest and more sublime than even the most pious wishes and prayers. … Whoever affirms the ‘yes’ to life … wants fulfillment, not salvation. p. 8. Whoever views life from death, and whoever only views deed from sin, must invariably reject the obligation of life”. p. 11.

    Kurt Eggers, ‘Live Bravely and Die Courageously’, Third Reich Originals

    “Two main driving forces struggle in a human being: greed and yearning. … Greed always asks “how is it of use to me?” Yearning asks “how do I free my folk from the chains of baseness?” p. 21. But: no one should close his ears in order to no longer have to hear the calls; no one should bind his eyes in order not to see the abyss. The person who overcomes should be knowing. … Deeds are only born by people who with hard fists and knowing gaze confront the calm and cowardly daily routine with the attack of their yearning. Tender innocence is always in danger of being misled … a play toy in the hands of darker forces. … The victor in life is not the “sinless”, but rather the one whose yearning was not slain. … Any scoundrel can refer to original sin and effectively cloak his “weakness” with it. Original sin is the great trump card of the inferior, of the congenitally hindered. … Whoever speaks of original sin renounces overcoming, and seeks instead forgiving mercy. p. 22. One should not let oneself be deceived: any affirmation of weakness is an affirmation of defenselessness. p. 23.”

    Kurt Eggers, ‘Live Bravely and Die Courageously’, Third Reich Originals

    “The Christian Church has its faithful pray … but nobody was sanctified because he fulfilled his duty in life, but rather because he fled life and duty. The genuine heroes were burned as heretics. How long yet does the German folk … want to hear the sermon of renunciation? Faith … which does not spring from life itself, is empty, dead faith. p. 55. Two values struggle for power today: love and honor. The church preaches love as the highest value of all virtues. We stand up for honor. … Beyond all talk about the heavenly love the church has forgotten its earthly honor. I speak of the church in general, not Christianity. pp. 56-7. We do not love our enemies. We respect them, if they deserve respect. … Our ideal is not an international self-loving brew of mankind. Our ideal is a world of strong folks, which, internally united, stand in respect toward each other. p. 58. If human beings would just want to affirm struggle more, instead of talking about love. If they would just make fighting courage their own, instead of becoming ever softer in renouncing love. p. 59.”

    ‘God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation’, Third Reich Originals


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