"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Your Christian Mind Has Been a Victim of
Jewish Indoctrination and You Are Deceived, If…

by Stuart DiNenno

…you believe that Jews and Christians worship the same God.

…you believe in a nebulous set of ethics that are oxymoronically called “Judeo-Christian values”.

…you believe that the Jews’ religion is based on the Old Testament Scriptures.

…you believe that the establishment of the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

…you believe that those we call the Jews today are descendants of the Israelites and are in some sense God’s chosen people.

…you believe that the Jews have been unjustly persecuted over the past 2000 years at the hands of Christians and that attempts to suppress Jewish influence in Christian nations during past centuries was wrong.

…you believe that any talk about Jewish control of certain industries, such as the news media outlets, education institutions, entertainment production companies, is either false or exaggerated, and you have never taken such reports seriously enough to investigate these claims for yourself.

…you believe the Jewish “Holocaust” stories that are constantly preached to Americans through various media and think that anyone who questions them should not be taken seriously.

…you believe that the racial distinctions in humanity are merely social constructs and not based on any valid genetic differences between them, and so any attempt to maintain separation between the various racial groups is wrong-headed and even wicked.

…you believe that some or all of the following are actual sins: racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia.

…you believe the mainstream narrative of World War II and so believe that the Germans were wicked and the righteous Allies saved the world from being enslaved to the evil of Nazism.

…you believe that nationalism is evil or is something that belongs to the past and needs to be abandoned.

…you believe it is wrong to have an affinity and loyalty for the people of your own racial or ethnic group because that necessitates a certain degree of exclusion for those who are not of your racial or ethnic group.

…you believe it is just happenstance that the overwhelming majority of all the immigrants to the USA, both legal and illegal, over the past several decades have been non-white, and to believe that this is happening because of a deliberate plan by the people in power to change the racial makeup of America, is ridiculous.

…you believe that all the evils in the world arise organically, and those who believe that many of them come into being because of carefully planned indoctrination specifically designed to be destructive to Christians and their cultures, are kooky “conspiracy theorists”.

…you believe that Christian women, or at least apostate Christian women, formulated and implemented feminism without any direction or support from a particular anti-Christian ethnic group.

…you believe the “scientific studies” that were published several decades ago telling us that housewives were generally sexually repressed, often had extra-marital affairs, and most had wild sexual fantasies — even about being raped — and that this was all normal.

…you believe that Communism, which has been responsible for murdering tens of millions of people over the last 100+ years, is an evil and anti-Christian system and there may have been some Jewish involvement but it is going much too far to say that it is a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world and destroy Christianity.

…you believe it is only coincidental that all of the egalitarian doctrines, such as women’s equality, racial equality (and race-mixing), and equality for sexual deviants, are being embraced at the same point in American history. And you believe that these perversions are heavily represented in advertising and entertainment productions because the general population has already embraced them and the market is only responding to public demand, rather than these things being heavily represented in advertising and entertainment productions because people in high places want these perversions to be promoted so that the general population will accept them and Christian morality will be overturned.

…you believe that there is no significance to the fact that Jews have an enormously disproportionate representation, relative to their population numbers, in all the organizations promoting things that serve to destroy families, are counter-reproductive, or are outright murderous — such as contraception, abortion, pornography, miscegenation, and sodomy.

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