"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

How Sodomy Is Being Made Acceptable
in the American “Reformed” Churches

Here is a brief step-by-step outline of how it is being done:

1.) Introduce a new aspect of human personality called “sexual orientation.”

2.) Point out a distinction between perverted sexual desires that are not acted upon and perverted sexual desires that are acted upon. Claim that the the former are not sins because they are part of one’s “sexual orientation” which cannot be changed.

3.) Continue to blur the distinction between acceptable and sinful desire and behavior by tolerating increasing intimacy between people of the same gender, as long as they are not involved in sexual activity.

a.) An example: Allow men with same-sex desires to live together as roommates, as long as they claim to exclude perverted sexual activity. Knowing, of course, that the acceptance of their perverted “sexual orientation” eventually will lead to the acceptance of their perverted sexual acts. 

b.) Another example: Allow non-practicing sodomites into church membership, and then permit them to say to others in the church “I am homosexual” (or “gay”) without mentioning that they are celibate, thus communicating the idea that one can practice perverted sexuality and be a member of the church.

4.) Twist the Scriptures that address sodomy, so as to teach that the sin addressed in the Bible was limited to either,

a.) “Heterosexuals” who, by engaging in sodomy, were sinning against their “sexual orientation.”

b.) Men involving themselves with male temple prostitutes as part of a pagan worship.

5.) Insist that those who continue to stand with the obvious teaching of the Holy Scriptures on sodomy, and who speak out against the sodomites (so-called “homosexuals”), are self-righteous Pharisees who are damaging “the weaker brethren.”

6.) Assert that sodomites are victims being persecuted by oppressors, and that Christ came to raise up the persecuted while bringing low the oppressor.

7.) Remind everyone that Christ was accused of eating with “publicans and sinners,” and then claim that if Jesus were here today, He would be dining with sodomites.

8.) Tell everyone that all men are sinners, and therefore “heterosexuals” have no business pointing out the sin of sodomy. That is, because we all sin, nobody should be confronting others about their sins. We don’t want to be hypocrites, after all.

9.) Insist that God’s law has no role when dealing with sodomites. It must be set aside in favor of winning over sodomites by “hospitality evangelism.” Proclaim that “studies show” sodomites don’t convert if they are confronted with the fact that the Bible forbids sodomy. Instead, we are told, we must win over sodomites with acts of kindness, such as inviting them into our homes.

10.) Point out that Jesus never spoke about sodomy but spoke at length about other sins, and insinuate that Jesus did not mention the sin of sodomy because it is not as grievous as other sins.

11.) Emphasize that we are to love our neighbor, implying that it is unloving to stand against the sin of the sodomites and to reject them from fellowship.

12.) Organize conferences where “Christian” sodomites can find one another and be affirmed in the normalcy of their desires and behavior.

13.) Hire a prominent psychologist (Dr. Mark Yarhouse) to write a “white paper” (A Christian Perspective On Sexual Identity) defending sodomy, and then have that paper praised by influential para-church ministries such as The Gospel Coalition, making that document the gold standard for many “Christians” and their churches, and at least some seminaries.

14.) At denominational meetings, demand the inclusion of sodomites in the ministry. Shame opponents for their lack of Christian charity.

15.) Repeat as long as necessary until you accomplish your goal of the full acceptance of sexual deviancy.

This is a modified version of a post found at Iron Ink.

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