"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

Cultural Marxism and the Synagogue of Satan

by Stuart DiNenno

The Frankfurt School of Social Research was a “think tank” that existed at the University of Frankfurt in 1920’s-30’s Germany, and which almost exclusively consisted of revolution-minded Jewish Marxists. Most, if not all, of its adherents fled to the United States when Hitler rose to power in 1933, knowing that they would be targeted by the new German government as the dangerous Jewish subversives that they were. One of the theorists from the Frankfurt School who relocated to America, Herbert Marcuse, recognized the revolutionary potential of radical feminists and negro activists in his new home country. Over several decades, Marcuse, his allies, and his many disciples, by infiltrating American education institutions (i.e., public schools, colleges, and universities) and information outlets (i.e., newspapers, radio, television, and film) indoctrinated and manipulated these groups, and used them along with the sexual deviants and other assorted “aggrieved” minorities to collectively create a class of “victims” whose purpose it was to rise up and overthrow in revolution the white Anglo-Saxon Christian male “oppressors”.

In order to understand the strategy behind this, one must understand the original Marxist plan. In the original version of Marxist theory, revolution was to be accomplished by the “oppressed” proletariat (i.e., the working class) rising up to overthrow the “oppressor” bourgeoisie (i.e., the land and business owners). In even simpler terms, the members of the middle-class land and business owners were the “haves” and the members of the non-property owning working class were the “have-nots”. The Marxists cultivated envy and hatred in the proletariat, convincing them that the property owned by the bourgeoisie rightfully belonged to everyone, and that what the property owners possessed was only gained at the expense of the working class. After they had created this illusion of economic injustice in the minds of the workers, the revolutionary leaders exhorted them to rise up in revolution to overthrow their “oppressors”. This plan was successful in Russia and some other countries. However, in the more prosperous Western nations, the initial Marxist plan to create revolution along economic lines failed to come to fruition, and so the Marxists needed to find another method of instigating revolution.

It was Marcuse’s brainchild to foster revolution using people-groups that are not strictly defined in economic terms. Keep in mind, the goal of Jewish revolutionaries and their allies is to destroy Christian civilization so that they may usurp power and build a new order in which they are the rulers, and it does not matter to them which methods or what groups of people are used to achieve this. Thus, whether the revolution is accomplished by fomenting envy and hatred between groups along economic lines so that the working class rises up against the landed business owners (which we may call economic Marxism) or by doing the same across gender, racial, and sexual lines so that women rebel against men, blacks militate against whites, and sexual deviants are left unchecked (which we may call social or cultural Marxism), as long as the white, patriarchal, Christian male is portrayed as an oppressor by all these various groups, and then is targeted as an enemy and destroyed, the goal of the revolutionaries is met.

And so instead of the old “economic Marxist” plan of creating revolution by stirring up the “oppressed” working class against the “oppressor” business and land owners, the new “cultural Marxist” plan, according to Marcuse, was to create revolution by convincing certain social groups that they were the “oppressed” (blacks, women, sexual deviants, etc.) and needed to rise up in opposition against the “oppressor” social group (white, patriarchal, Christian men).

But whether such revolution be militated by economic or cultural means, it must be understood by Christians that this, at its core, is really a manifestation of Satan’s attempt to overthrow Christ and Christendom. It is a spiritual battle manifested in physical, earthly terms. The reason that the so-called oppressed or victim groups, and the Jewish revolutionaries who manipulate and lead them, want to tear and rend the so-called oppressive or victimizing white Christian male is because of their hatred for the Christ of Scripture. When we speak of “Jewish revolutionaries”, we are only using a synonym for the same group of devils that the Bible calls “the synagogue of Satan”. These people hate biblical Christianity, they hate the law of God, they hate the Christian social order, and they hate all of the manifestations of Christianity in the institutions of Western civilization. If we carefully examine the grievances of their “victim groups” we find that they are the grievances one would expect to find in those who hate Christ and the Christian religion. Despite their long lists of complaints and cries of being treated unjustly, at bottom there is no other reason for their hatred.

The God-hater would, if it were possible, take heaven itself by storm and raze it to the ground because its very existence stands as a testimony against his rebellion and wickedness. But, of course, earthly anti-Christs can only access God in the manifestations of His earthly kingdom, and so their attempts to dethrone God are necessarily limited to attempts to destroy His people and the institutions they have built on earth. And thus it is with the Marxists and their dupes. They hate God and everything representative of Him, and in the eyes of these reprobates, white Christian men are seen — sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously — as the representatives of God and are in the minds of such people “the real” wicked ones, much like the hardened outlaw in his twisted mind sees the sheriff as the real villain.

As important as it is to recognize all of the above, we must realize that at the root of all the tribulation that comes upon Christendom is an infidelity to God. Just as the Philistines and other heathen peoples who repeatedly troubled the Israelites were only a problem when the people of God turned their backs on God and His law, so the synagogue of Satan — which is apostate Jewry — is only a problem for Christians when they are similarly unfaithful to God. When the Christian church is strong and faithful, the synagogue of Satan is despised and cast down; when the Christian church is weak and faithless, the synagogue of Satan is respected and exalted. This is a pattern that we have seen repeated throughout history, continuing to this very day. And we must never let it be forgotten that part of our fidelity to God is to be ever vigilant against anti-Christs and their destructive philosophies, and to forcefully oppose them.

The aforementioned are all spiritual realities that Christians must come to understand. If we do not face up to them, and fail to see the gnashing and gnawing of anti-white, anti-male, and anti-Christian pseudo-victims for what it is, we may foolishly excuse their behavior as the result of mere ignorance or stupidity, and begin to feel sorry for them. But that is like feeling sorry for the man being strapped into the electric chair because his behavior was addled by drug abuse, while forgetting the horrid stories of the multiple sadistic tortures, rapes, and murders that he committed.

We must always be on guard against falling into a sentimental counterfeit of love that causes us to become tolerant of evil. Love for Christ means having no compassion on the determined enemies of Christ.

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