"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16)

How the Jews Use Non-Jews as
Weapons Against Each Other

by Stuart DiNenno

One of the ways that the Jews take dominion over non-Jews is by pitting various factions of non-Jews against one another. An example of this is the way they use Western European Christians as a weapon against Middle Eastern Muslims in the eastern part of the world, and they use Middle Eastern Muslims as a weapon against Western European Christians in the western part of the world.

(Note: Herein the term “Western European” is referring to the native whites of Western Europe, and also those of Western European descent who live in the nations their ancestors founded, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. And Western Europeans are referred to as “Christians” in the historic sense, though most have turned from the faith of their forefathers.)

Here’s how it works:

By the various forms of propaganda published through the Jewish controlled media — including military intelligence fabricated by Zionist occupied governments — Western Europeans, and especially Americans, are persuaded to believe that Muslims in the Middle East are a terrorist threat to their nations. Support for war and defense of “Israel” is also drummed up by many apostate, judaized, so-called evangelical churches teaching the Christian Zionist heresy. And by their Jewish controlled governments, Western Europeans are required to provide military forces and political support (i.e., their men and their tax money) to fight against “terrorist” Muslims and defend “our greatest ally” “Israel” in Middle Eastern wars. Thus, Western Europeans are not only pushed into war by their rulers, but because of all the indoctrination, they also willingly go off to slaughter the non-Jews in the east and wreak havoc upon Middle Eastern Muslim nations. (And the reality is that many of these countries have significant Christian populations which are also decimated in the process. But, of course, if this fact were commonly known, it would be bad public relations for Western armies that are trying to recruit Christians to fight their wars, and so it is suppressed by the Jewish owned information media).

These wars not only diminish the number of “goyim” (Yiddish word for non-Jews) in the east who might oppose the Jews, but they also facilitate Jewish hegemony and expansion of power in the region for their “Israel”. Another benefit for the Jews is that this military action also serves to weaken Western European Christian nations by having them being constantly drained of many young men, as well as large amounts of resources and money. In addition, these wars serve to displace many people from their Middle Eastern homelands, some of whom flee to Europe or North America with the aid of Jewish refugee aid organizations as well as others, and these people help to displace the native whites in their own homelands, which also strengthens the hand of the Jews.

And all the while that Western Europeans are invading Middle Eastern Muslim nations for the benefit of the Jews, the Jews and their allies are working by various means to flood Western European Christian homelands with Middle Eastern Muslims and other foreigners, most of whom are not true refugees at all, and thanks to Jewish-inspired socialism and Jewish-led advocacy, they are given housing and welfare payments, along with other benefits and preferences, all at the expense of the native Western Europeans. And if the native Europeans dare to oppose this influx of millions of foreigners and the government largesse bestowed upon them at taxpayer expense, then they are demonized according to the Cultural Marxist (i.e., Jewish) pseudo-moral code by being called “racist”, “xenophobic”, or “islamophobic”, and are punished in various ways if they fail to comply with this code. It is important to understand that none of these “sins” existed until very recently, and they have all been fabricated to serve the purpose of silencing dissent.

Moreover, both European native and newcomer are subjected to constant Cultural Marxist propaganda (Cultural Marxism is of entirely Jewish origin) which promotes the benefits of “diversity”, “tolerance”, and “inclusion”, insists on the equal rights of all people to all things within the nation, regardless of their ancestry or even the land of their birth, and denounces the evils of “white privilege”, (i.e., any preference or advantage that members of the indigenous ethnic group of the nation would naturally give to one another). All of this serves to weaken unity and resolve among the native white Christians by inculcating a false sense of guilt in them, even to the point of convincing them to work against the best interests of their own ethnic groups, while it simultaneously strengthens the hand of the foreign infidel immigrants, and breaks down opposition to the Jewish-led race replacement/race mixing program. The end result is that the formerly strong, unified, homogenous white Christian nation becomes a racially mongrelized, religiously pluralized, artificial nation cobbled together from the people of many nations, which is consequentially rife with disunity and variance, and thereby is greatly weakened and made unable to oppose Jewish domination.

Although the tactics are somewhat different, and the propaganda promoting it has become much more effective due to modern methods of mass communication, this strategy is nothing new. It has long been the practice of conquering nations (and we need to understand that the Jews are a conquering nation) to import large numbers of foreigners into a homogenous nation in order to more easily subdue it. This entry found in a reference book illustrates the point:

“Esarhaddon was the Assyrian king who resettled Samaria with foreigners after this capital city of the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyrian forces in 722 B.C. (Ezra 4:2). This was an example of the Assyrian policy of intermingling cultures in the nations which they conquered to make them weak and compliant.”

— Nelson’s Bible Dictionary, 1986 edition, Esarhaddon, page 350

What has been stated in the previous paragraphs is a simplified description, given in generalities, of a complex and multi-faceted operation, and so there is much more that could be said. And this is only one of many parts of a plan of destruction that has been implemented by the anti-Christs to destroy Christianity and the civilization it spawned. It also should be understood that there are many non-Jews involved in this deception and the resultant destruction that it brings, and there are many Jews who are not involved. But the people who are the driving force behind all of this and who are the primary benefactors of it, are Jewish. That being said, we should not make the mistake of believing that the Mohammedans are our friends. They have made themselves enemies of Christians just like the Jews. But we need to understand that we are only playing the Jews’ rigged game when we fight these Middle Eastern wars, and that they are only self-defeating for us. What we need to do is drive both the Muslims and Jews from our lands as our Christian forefathers have done many times in the past. One example of this happening in European history, among many, is the edict issued by Spanish ruler King Ferdinand II in 1492 (the same year that Columbus sailed the ocean blue) in which Jews were commanded to be deported from Spain, and were actually deported soon after. Earlier in the year, the Mohammedan forces that had occupied much of Spain for centuries were also finally defeated at Granada, leading to the exile of many Muslims and the suppression of the Islamic religion in the country.

It is important to know our enemies and how they operate. But even more important is the need to realize that this, at its root, is a spiritual problem. The difference between the Western Europeans of past generations and 21st century Western Europeans, is that the latter have almost entirely turned from Christ and from a biblical worldview, most are too busy vainly pursuing their own selfish amusement and gain to recognize or care that they are being displaced, and what is described in this article is only part of God’s judgment against them for their infidelity. Just as was the case in ancient Israel when the Israelites disregarded the law of God and turned to worshiping the works of their own hands, and were punished by being displaced from their land, so white Europeans are experiencing the same today. As 17th century Puritan minister Thomas Brooks declared: “The Bible warns that when a people send the gospel into exile, it will not be long before their own exile follows.” And we certainly cannot expect a people to have the moral fortitude necessary to drive evildoing infidels from their lands when they themselves have degenerated into evildoing infidels. Therefore, do not expect to see anything change for the better until God once again brings true Christian reformation to our lands on a large scale, and we witness the repentance of turning from self-pleasing unto godliness that such a revival will bring. This is what every white European Christian must pray for and work towards.

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